Private In-Home Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

“Nature is mastered not by force but by wisdom.”
~ Author unknown

A humane, holistic, and science-based approach to family dog training and behavior modification

Paulette Allen and DivaKnowledgeable dog owners make effective competent leaders. Punishment, as well as harsh training methods and equipment, are never good tools for teaching our intelligent dogs. Also, eliminating the human-canine “Culture Clash” by creating clear communication through the training process, in the spirit of teamwork, ends frustration while shaping desirable behavior.

In addition, proactive/integrated methods SAVE YOU TIME by inserting your dog’s training into your everyday interactions, which makes learning far more relative to your dog. Positive methods, based on the science of Learning Theory, resolve your training goals while fostering healthy human-canine relationships that can enrich both your and your dog’s life in unexpected and remarkable ways. A holistic approach to training and behavior modification considers every aspect of your individual dog’s well-being and unique environment.


  • Training on your schedule, at your convenience
  • Personalized one-on-one attention
  • Address inappropriate behaviors where they happen; in your dog’s environment!
  • Faster results in helping you reach YOUR goals
  • Family participation that includes children of all ages
  • Stress-free training for dogs that are sensitive about being with other dogs
  • Customized, reasonable pricing to fit your needs
  • On-call trainer to answer all your questions

SERVICES ARE OFFERED in the Chicago suburbs of Burr Ridge, Bolingbrook, Clarendon Hills, Countryside, Darien, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Lisle, Western Springs, Westmont, Willowbrook, and Woodridge.

Dedicated to resolving your dog’s training and behavioral needs.

Paulette Allan, “Your Dog Tutor,” Darien, IL 60561. 630-887-9437.