About The Trainer

“Ask the animals and they will teach you.”
~ Book of Job
black poodle in front of chalkboard with Paulette Allan

A dogs’ mind is a terrible thing to waste

PERSONAL As a young child, my first sibling was a Collie, and soon a small zoo of other pets followed (not including my brothers!). I left the business world about 25 years ago to follow my interest in helping pets and their people by volunteering in two Pet Therapy programs through both my local animal shelter program and with the Delta Society. I also began a pet-sitting service, and soon became interested in the field of dog training, with particular interest in behavior modification. My husband and I enjoy the outdoors, frequenting Yellowstone National Park to observe wolf behavior with the park biologists. I live with a Standard Poodle named Diva; two cats, Jessie and Gracie; a talkative bird named Piper; and last but not least, my husband, Bob, who is not nearly so talkative as the bird!

EDUCATION More than 20 years ago I began dog training with my own dogs. I continued my formal education in several areas, which included the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, an organization dedicated to education and certification of professional dog trainers. I began regularly attending seminars and conferences and workshops in Canada and throughout the United States, learning from the very best dog trainers in the field. My training and behavioral modification methods are based on the most current knowledge in the science of Canine Learning Theory. With many years of continued education, I have found that, by far, my most valuable teachers have been the hundreds of families and their canine companions I have worked with. I also speak to children’s groups on the subject of Safety with Dogs and Children on Bite Prevention. In addition to teaching group classes for three local park districts and my primary experience in private training, I’ve found that learning itself is indeed a two-way street, between dogs and their owners and between me and my valued clients.