Services Included

“Animals, especially a dog, is possibly the purest experience you can have.”
~ Audrey Hepburn
  • In-home private dog training and behavior consulting in your dog’s environment, at your convenience!
    happy dog at training graduation

    Dover 10 yrs., Older dogs love to learn also!

  • Specialization in FAMILY DOG TRAINING, a comprehensive management and training program to minimize frustration while helping dogs and children have more enjoyable relationships.
  • Early Puppyhood Education. Your puppy’s “Head Start” is critical. Start shaping behavior early to avoid behavioral issues and having to re-train later! For pups age 2 to 5 months. See “Training Topics.”
  • Behavior modification in all aspects of behavior. See “Training Topics”/The “Whole” dog Approach to behavior modification.”
  • CUSTOMIZED MINI-CLASSES! All you need is a few friends or neighbors, a fenced yard, or a family room to take advantage of a multi-dog discount! This is a really fun and popular training option!
  • DAYTIME TUTORING PROGRAM: Training in your home while you’re at work. I will train your dog one to two times per week and meet with you to transfer learning. Training for less! Contact me for more information.
  • Need help selecting the right breed or shelter dog? Consider a consultation to help select the best fit for your family.
  • On completion of five Basic Obedience lessons, your puppy or dog will GRADUATE WITH HONORS! You will receive a complimentary graduation packet and an opportunity to take a family photo with your dog sporting his graduation cap and certificate!
  • Teaching OLDER DOGS new tricks! Like younger dogs, older dogs have good minds and enjoy using them! Adds to an older dog’s mental enrichment and his feeling of pleasure and usefulness. Fun/Play methods only! For dogs aged 8 years and older.
  • I am available to answer questions at any time and resource information to assist you.

Available for speaking engagements on “Safety with Dogs and Children.” Bite statistics with regard to children are astronomical. We can do better in our homes and in our communities!