“When the tail stops wagging, the dog stops learning.”
~ P. Allan


It has been such a privilege and personally rewarding experience to have known so many wonderful dogs and their families. I am happy to share just a few of those success stories!

We adopted a Shepherd mix named Harley that we found online. He is a great dog but began barking and pulling hard on the leash when he saw dogs on our walks. I was especially concerned that our children would never be able to walk our new dog. Then we called Paulette. In one lesson, we were able to gain control over Harley. Now he doesn’t seem to mind seeing other dogs because he gets lots of rewards and stays quiet and relaxed. We can now walk our dog safely without embarrassing reactions.

Karen, Jim, Nell, and Mark

I had decided to purchase two Miniature Schnauzer puppies from the same litter for our two children aged 9 and 11 years. I had no idea that raising two puppies could be so much work! And I wasn’t getting a lot of help from my family. My vet’s office gave me Paulette’s contact information. Paulette was unbelievably helpful in assisting us in managing two puppies with our children. We have things under much better control. We adore our new puppies and did not want to consider giving even one of them back to the breeder. This is now turning out to be a more fun experience for our entire family, as I had hoped it would be.

Amanda and family

We rescued a 3-year-old male Terrier-Lab mix named Sam. He is a very loving dog to our family but had a few issues that were difficult to live with. Sam wouldn’t let anyone in the front door. He would bark at strangers and become destructive when he saw someone in the front yard. We contacted Paulette, and she was such a huge help. Paulette said that even though Sam was acting fearful and territorial, it was not his job to decide who came into our house because he was not paying the mortgage! We had to learn to mange him and take charge of our front door again. Now Sam sees strangers as far less threatening. We also stopped letting him look out the front window unless we are there to interrupt his barking (without yelling at him) and redirect him to play with fun, treat-delivering toys instead. He had to step up his exercise, and along with just a few other common-sense changes, we now have a dog we can live with!

Debbie and Rick


Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois

We adopted a 2-year-old male Lab named K.C. from a friend who was going away to school. K.C. was starting to develop separation anxiety and becoming destructive. A neighbor told us about Paulette. She was able to help us understand how we were mistakenly making this problem worse. We focused on making some changes that helped K.C. to feel less upset when we left him alone. He seems to be getting better all the time, and Paulette checks on us to be sure everything is going OK. We are so thankful that we found Paulette’s service before things got worse.

Mike and June
Clarendon Hills