Training Philosophy

“Punishment does not help dogs learn what you want them to do.”
~ Dr. Nicholas Dodman


photo of dog at police lineupFor many years, a growing number of dog trainers have been educated in the science of Canine Learning Theory. We are finally using far more positive methods rather than compulsive, force-based, punishing ones. These antiquated methods of using pain and punishment in attempting to teach intelligent canine students are finally coming to an end. Punishment can be anything from using harsh equipment such as electrical collars to a more subtle and personal response by verbally scolding dogs when “caught in the act!” If we are personally punishing our dog’s inappropriate behavior, we are teaching them three lessons:

  • Dogs can become confused and mistrustful of owners who ineffectively apply punishment while not making clear what is expected of them.
  • Your dog will quickly learn to repeat negative behaviors because he may be receiving more reinforcement from negative attention than positive attention for positive behavior, thereby creating a vicious cycle of dogs acting inappropriately and owners punishing to no avail!
  • Our personal punishing reactions teach dogs a clear SAFE-DANGEROUS RULE. It is perfectly “safe” to raid the garbage when you (the radar trap) are not present to punish. Yet the “dangerous” rule applies when you are present by creating “Sneaky Dog,” thereby making behavioral modification solutions more difficult.

Dogs often misbehave when they have not had enough adequate physical exercise or are not kept mentally employed. Make training easier on you both by keeping your dog tired rather than wired!

I can offer many fun and easy solutions to help make your dog seem to have just finished Doggie-Yoga class! (Breath in, breath out…Help is on the way!)  ENJOY REAL DOGGIE-YOGA >