Fears, Phobias and Anxieties

“Never place bets on your dog when it comes to limited expectations.”
~ P. Allan
Dog hiding under blanket

Some dogs experience fears and anxiety disorders. These may include rescue dogs that were abandoned or abused, dogs that have experienced emotional or physical trauma, and dogs that have had poor or very little socialization. Additional reasons for fear/anxiety may be genetic predisposition or neurologic problems. Sometimes stress signals can be subtle, and it can often be easy to misinterpret or miss altogether what might be triggering them. In some cases, a dog’s overall health and quality of life can become diminished.

I take particular interest in these dogs because there are now more available approaches that can help, from simple lifestyle changes, counterconditioning/desensitization training techniques, Tellington Touch pet message, new products, and, if warranted, natural anti-anxiety supplements or medication. In some cases, if the problem is not addressed, over time, well-established stress and behaviors stemming from stress can be more difficult to modify. However, with help, these dogs can often greatly improve or overcome difficulties and exhibit remarkable progress.

Scared-Chi-Chi-biblicone-e1306147453816Whether your dog is reacting fearfully to specific stressors such as strangers, other dogs, new environments, thunderstorms, or certain objects or sounds or has separation anxiety or generalized anxiety, there is help available to enable your dog to thrive while helping him in becoming “the best dog he can be.”