Your Puppy’s “Head Start”

Early puppyhood education is the most important step we can take in setting our puppies up for success.

Dog with award certificateThe first 6 months of your puppy’s development is a critical time in his life. You can enhance your puppy’s intelligence, make him as confident as possible, set a solid foundation by forming good behavioral habits, and make the transition to “adolescence” much easier! Early Puppyhood Education training will be time well spent. It is the most opportune time in which we can take responsibility in setting our puppies up for a lifetime of success!


  • Puppy potty training
  • Implementing time-sensitive socialization experiences
  • Identifying and addressing potential behavioral problems early
  • Teaching puppy to cope well with necessary handling
  • To go or not to go to dog parks: important aspects to consider
  • Teaching puppy to be OK with being alone
  • Teaching puppy that there is no need to be possessive with food or objects
  • Will address mouthing, biting, chewing, and jumping
  • Will cover the many aspects of managing puppy with children


All behaviors are taught at age-appropriate levels. Good habits start early!

  • Walk on leash
  • “Off” and “Ignore it” command
  • “Go to your bed” or designated place to “settle down” command
  • Teach puppy to “drop it,” release what he is holding in his mouth
  • Kindergarten recall: Teach puppy to come when called through play
  • Teach puppy to sit, lie down, and stay